Briquettes & Coal

Wood briquettes are manufactured logs made up of compressed wood byproducts (sawdust and wood chips). They offer great value and are considered to be cleaner and easier to store than traditional logs. With a moisture content of less than 10%, therefore, making a great alternative to firewood logs, they are ideal if you have a wood-burning stove and you’re looking for an efficient way of heating your home. Wood briquettes are also referred to as ‘heat logs’ due to their high heat output or ‘eco logs’ as they are made out of waste wood.

Give briquettes a try if you’re limited on space or just want to try a cleaner easier firewood product.

Smokeless coal isn’t only for those living in smoke control areas. Everyone who enjoys having a traditional fire as the heart of the home can take advantage of the benefits of burning smokeless coal. All of our smokeless coal products are HETAS approved and produce a high heat output with a long-lasting burn time.