Kiln Dried or Seasoned Logs?

Should I use Kiln Dried or Seasoned logs for my stove?

If you have a modern stove with or without a liner fitted, we would always recommend Kiln dry hardwood logs. You can buy logs that are advertised as ‘Seasoned’ but make sure that they have been properly seasoned for two seasoned and not just chopped down and left for a few months. Logs that are not properly seasoned can have a moisture content of 35% to even 50% which is bad for your appliance, bad for your liner and therefore, bad for the environment.

If in doubt, buy Kiln-dried hardwood logs. These should have a moisture content of less than 20%. Our Kiln dry logs have a standard length and quality, are easy to light and burn really well.

Studies have shown that buying Kiln Dried logs from a sustainable source is not only good for the environment and your appliance but pound for pound is usually no more expensive than buying cheaper logs that have a higher moisture content. In other words, more water = less wood.

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Modern stove using Kiln Dried logs