Local businesses love our firewood

Over the past ten years Home fires and fuels have delivered Kiln dry logs to thousands of customers in the Stockport and South Manchester areas. We are now proud members of the ‘Ready to burn’ quality assurance scheme and pleased how this initiative and others (Eco-design stoves for example) are helping to bring about positive changes in how we use cleaner, sustainably sourced fuel for our stoves. In addition to providing fuel for customers to use in there own homes, we now provide Kiln dry logs to many businesses. These include festival organisers (see photo: Festival in Etherow park with huge firepit using Home fires and fuels logs); Stockport Pizza companies such as www.ikneadpizza.co.uk and Pizza’ere Romiley. Often, we are called upon to deliver logs and other fuel at very short notice, and we always try to help out. If you would like to try our logs please give us a ring or email David on info@homefiresandfuels.co.uk