Our customers love our Kiln Dry Logs

Stockport Customers love our Kiln Dry Logs

Home fires and fuels have been supplying customers in the Stockport, South Manchester and East Cheshire areas for nearly eight years now. What is noticeable is that customers who buy from us once usually come back time and time again. As well as private houses we now regularly deliver to some of Stockports wonderful pubs, retail shops and Pizza makers.

We have put this down to a number of reasons:

  1. We only deliver logs that have been Kiln Dried to a maximum of 18% moisture (often much lower) so you can guarantee consistent quality
  2. We ensure that our logs/coal/briquettes are delivered at regular intervals and to a convenient place (we always cover our fuel on delivery and when we leave it)
  3. We keep our prices competitive but will not compromise on quality and consistency.

If you would like to give us a try, check out our Online Shop today and place your order.

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