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Kiln dried Logs – Best for everyone

This is a difficult time for many people as we all struggle with the cost of living crisis, soaring inflation and rocketting energy prices. People who are using their woodburner this winter instead of their central heating – or turning the heating down, are looking to save money of course. But which fuel to use ?

It may surprise many to learn that the most cost effective type of fuel for your log burner also happens to be the type of fuel that is better for the environment. That is sustainably sourced Kiln Dried logs. At first glance, kiln dry logs may appear more expensive than the damp logs being offered to you at half the cost (illegally). But when you consider that many people sell logs with a moisture content typically of 35% or more, you are not only causing a great deal of smoke and damaging your liner and stove, but you are also wasting 35% of your wood – as this is evapourated as steam. The process is dirty, smelly and, a waste of money and very bad for the environment.

Home fires and fuels have been part of the Government’s ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme since it started. This kitemark shows that our logs have undergone annual inspections and meet the requirements of being under 20% moisture content. (It is now, in fact, illegal to purchase logs from a a source that does not have the ‘Ready to Burn’ kitemark). In effect our logs are rarely above 12 %. Our logs are great quality, easy to light and give a lovely fire each time. As we purchase our logs from sustainably managed forests, you can also be sure that each tree felled to produce fuel will be replaced by at least one more to continue the process.

And for those asking which is cheaper – a local bag of damp softwood logs at £4 or a bag of very dry hardwood logs from us at £6 from us? Not only will your £6 bag from burn longer, it will be cheaper and much much better for the environment. A common question asked about kiln dried logs is ‘What about the cost of Kiln drying?’ Well, Kiln drying is a great way to use all parts of the logs so the kiln is fired by the remnants of the tree cutting process – nothing is wasted.

Call us today or order you fuels online. We have been supplying customers around Stockport and greater Manchester for nearly fifteen years and most have stayed with us all that time.



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