Sustainably Sourced Logs

Sustainably Sourced Kiln dried logs from Home fires and fuels

Many customers ask us whether our logs are sustainably sourced. The answer is that all of our Seasoned and Kiln dried log products are sourced from sustainably managed woodlands or are the by-product of the Tree surgery sector.

For our seasoned logs, we work closely with Tree surgeons who are locally based and therefore have a very low carbon footprint. The logs are properly seasoned before we bag them and transport them to the customer – Again – as we only deliver around a 10-mile radius and not hundreds of miles on the back of a truck, we ensure that the carbon footprint is minimal.

For our Kiln-Dried hardwood logs, we only purchase from producers who are certificated under the PEFC (a sustainability benchmark) and the FSC (the forest stewardship council). These certifications help to ensure that the timber you purchase has been sourced and produced using the highest ecological, social and ethical methods.

The use of wood fuel from managed and sustainable sources is not only carbon neutral but also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of heating your home.

40L Net Bags