Upgrade to a super efficient stove

Upgrade to a super-efficient ‘Eco design ready’ Stove

New legislation means that from 2022 only the most efficient stoves will be allowed to be fitted. This is great news for both the environment and for the customer – as an efficient, clean-burning stove is not only clean but is very economical to run as well.

A wide range of quality British ‘Eco design’ ready stoves now available

We already have a range of excellent multi-fuel British stoves from ACR and AGA that are already ‘eco design’ ready to meet the future requirements. Customers can therefore be assured that what they purchase and have fitted is both future-proof and will save money on their heating bills.

We can fit your new stove before the winter starts

Outside of the busy Winter period, we have much more flexibility and availability so now is a great time to arrange a free – no-obligation quotation.

Into our ninth year of installing woodburning and multi-fuel stoves in the Marple and Stockport area, we are committed to maintaining our excellent record of customer service. We provide itemised quotations and ongoing maintenance services.

Super efficient stove fitted by us